Why a Home Weather Station?

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Why would I need a home weather station?

Why a Home Weather Station?

You have weather reports online—great, yet another bit of information to overload you. You have the newspaper, and let's not forget the Weather Channel. What would anyone need with a home weather station, other than the “isn't it cool” feeling you get when you order a digital weather station out of, say, the Sharper Image catalog?

We all know that weather affects us in ways we can't measure. Here are some signs you might need a weather station.

* You put sweaters on your tomato plants just in case there's a drop in temperature.
* You have allergies and you sneeze even before the pollen count rises.
* You wonder whether your uncle's arthritis can predict the weather, but frankly, your uncle falls asleep too much to be useful.
* You have kids. Enough said.
* You have a medical condition such as fibromyalgia that's makes you sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

Unlike the latest news about Brad and Angelina, or depressing news about the latest forbidden food or plane disaster, weather is news you can use. You can't change the weather, but you can choose not to wait for your uncle's foot to tell you when it's going to rain.



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