Wall Weather Stations

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I'd like a stationary weather station, what are my options?

Wall Weather Stations

One more handheld gadget to keep track of and you think you'll just lose it. Here's one idea that will leave you thunderstruck...or, thankfully, not. You can combine a wall clock with weather sensors. Choose a digital wall clock that has a built-in weather station.

Like all weather stations, a wall clock/thermometer combo measures the barometric pressure, even through stone, stucco or adobe. It can be quite stylish with optional wood finish, and in any case, will look cool in your home...better, at any rate, than you look trying to juggle your PDA, cell phone, remote, and baby monitor. Some tips:

--Always place clock weather stations in areas without too much electronic interference, such as hallways and rooms without computers and television sets.
--Make sure the area is well lighted and the display is easily readable.
--Don't hang too many paintings or posters near the weather station or the wall will look cluttered.
--Place wall sconces on either side of the weather station to enhance its LCD glow.

Above all, don't mistake the remote control for your TV remote or GameBoy. Consider getting a remote or handheld caddy.



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