Outdoor vs. Indoor

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Should I buy an outdoor or indoor weather station?

Outdoor vs. Indoor

Your weather vane looks a trifle old-fashioned in a neighborhood full of DirecTV dishes, so you bought an outdoor weather station such as the WeatherHawk.

However, you hate going outdoors to check your weather station...you're hardly the one-with-nature type. In that case, an indoor weather station is for you. Even combination outdoor/indoor weather stations such as the Oregon Scientific Complete Wireless Weather Station will work if you can bribe your spouse or kids to maintain and check it for you. Now you can get back to watching the Discovery Channel.

If, on the other hand, you don't mind the weather vane clashing with your satellite dish, you can build your own analog weather station with a mercury thermometer and rain can that you clean yourself. If you love high-tech, you can install the digital weather station and enjoy your backyard sanctuary.

Your climate and lifestyle may decide the issue for you. If you're not in good health, if you're not often home, or if the climate is perpetually rainy/snowing/too hot, an indoor system is your best choice. And yes, you can keep the weather vane.



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