Storm Interference

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Why is my digital weather station not working?

Storm Interference

You were so excited when you bought your Davis digital weather station, but the only way you can tell if you'll get rain showers this evening is to look out the window. Your digital won't do diddly-squat.

Some tips to keep in mind before you trot down to the store to return your home weather station:

* Aluminum siding or aluminum covering your roof will block wireless signals between your outside hygrometers and your digital home unit. You're better off with a cabled system.
* While many digital weather station systems will work with your computer, some won't, especially if you have a Wi-Fi laptop. Too much signal interference will prevent your weather station from working.
* Make sure the batteries are fully charged. Invest in a battery recharger.
* Make sure your indoor station is positioned within range of the outdoor wind/temperature sensors and hygrometers.

Now you don't have to look out your window to watch the wind...unless it's a beautiful evening and you want to gaze outside.



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