Digital vs. Analog

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Should I buy a digital or analog weather station?

Digital vs. Analog

You haven't thought digital versus analog since they invented the first computer wristwatch. For you, it's been digital all the way. But you like the look of old-fashioned weather stations with the rich wood and gold trim. Also, you just moved to an aluminum house.

Lest you think that digital means severe and impersonal, there are plenty of stylish digital weather stations. Oregon Scientific has several stylish weather stations, as does RainWise. Not all of them have the charm of the mercury thermometers and barometers, but with wireless, that's changing.

If you can't use wireless, you don't have to go analog unless you want to. There's something to be said for the ease of reading digital weather station displays. Plus, you're living in a wired world and you couldn't imagine life any other way!



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