Hot, Hot, Hot=No Weather Station?

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If I live in California or a hot climate, do I need a weather station?

Hot, Hot, Hot=No Weather Station?

It's 90 degrees and sunny...again. Your local weatherman is scanning the trades for a job in Minneapolis. What's a weather enthusiast to do when the weather doesn't change?

Actually, in hot or mostly frozen/rainy climates, weather stations can be of great use. You don't just use weather stations to keep track of unpredictable weather. Some uses for weather stations in climates that don't vary:

* Predict humidity for those “dry heat” areas
* Predict snowfall so you can decide when to make a run to the store
* Let you know when the rain will let up (Seattle, are you listening?)
* Detect variations in dewpoint, which can signal changes in weather
* Keep track of cooler days and nights so you know how often to water plants in hot climates and how to regulate your automatic sprinkler system (don't waste water!)
* Measure pollen counts for the allergy-prone
* Detect wind changes (in the California desert, blowing sand can be a problem)

While you're at it, pass on this information to the local weatherperson...after all, always-warm weather isn't such a terrible fate, is it?



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