International Weather Station

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Will my weather station work outside the US?

International Weather Station

As if you didn't have enough to contend with abroad. Lost luggage, a case of the runs, lines at the airport, plus difficulties with electrical appliances...

You've been transferred to Australia or you have a fancy to live in Hong Kong. Most weather stations will work internationally. However, it may be wise to find a local substitute for your US radio-controlled or wireless product. Weather stations with atomic clocks in your host country will set themselves according to the local signals.

Other tips for staying wired to the weather abroad:

* Make sure there is a wireless weather tower where you live. If possible, research the country coverage.
* Buying from a local supplier makes sense, since you don't want to always order from the US. You don't want to deal with surcharges, customs, and mail delays.
* Choose an international antenna adapter, e.g. American International.
* Have local suppliers install your digital weather station. It's always good to have help when you need it!

Now if you could just get your cat or dog out of quarantine and be sure you won't insult anyone with your command of the language, your international worries will be over.



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