Rain Buckets and Digital Stations

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Will my digital weather station know when to empty the rain bucket?

Rain Buckets and Digital Stations

“Hey, don't you have enough sense to empty the rain bucket?” Have you been hearing this a little too often?

It's not that you don't know about emptying the rain bucket for your digital weather station, it's just that hectic modern life has caught up with you. It's on your to-do list next to “clean out file drawers” and “climb Everest.”

Before you set out to find a Sherpa guide to clean your rain bucket, read your product manual. The rain bucket will automatically empty itself thanks to the digital sensors. Once the rain bucket collects enough precipitation so the rain gauge can tell you whether it's raining cats and dogs or just dogs, the rain sensor activates and the rain gauge empties itself.

Now when you search for the Sherpas, you'll be seeking their rappelling services. Just remember to come in out of the avalanche.



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