Boosting the Wireless Weather Signal

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How do I extend the range of my wireless weather station?

Boosting the Wireless Weather Signal

Lost signals on cell phones and missed connections with your laptop don't bother you. In fact, you expect it. But signal problems with your wireless home weather station?

Normally, wireless weather stations have a direct signal range of up to 1,000 feet and 200 to 400 feet through walls. You can boost the signal by:

--Avoiding interference from other electronic devices at indoors and in the backyard.
--Placing outside units in the front of your home, out in the open and away from obstructions in the terrain, e.g. hills.
--Purchasing a wireless repeater to extend your signal range. The LaCrosse Technology model can add up to 330 feet.

Also remember that hooking up wireless weather stations to computers limits the placement in your house. Depending on the layers of wall and paint, your signal may have to work harder to get to the remote sensor. You can better your chances by using a laptop computer with your wireless home weather station.

Now if you could just figure out why your wireless optic mouse suddenly stopped working.



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