Digital Wireless Temperature Monitors

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How do I monitor temperatures in my greenhouse or pool?

Digital Wireless Temperature Monitors

The kids haven't complained of chills in the pool, but your daughter definitely has the sniffles.

The plants can't talk, but your parsley has wilted.

It's too hot in the greenhouse and too chilly in the pool area. Your wireless weather station isn't keeping up with the conditions inside the house or immediately outside, even though you can tell down to the minute when it's going to rain.

Fortunately, digital wireless weather stations have solutions, namely wireless remote temperature sensors that tell your desktop or wall unit whether the pool is caliente or your kids need sweaters when they get out. Steel-tipped probes sense drops in temperature and send them to the home unit.

Cool Tip: Your sensor needs to be in an area free of obstructions, so don't hide it in your tomato plants or near that poolside replica of the Winged Victory.

When your daughter has the sniffles, you can be sure that she caught it from the germ factory known as school and not because the pool water is the wrong temperature.



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