How Does My Garden Grow?

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How do I monitor temperatures in my greenhouse or pool?

How Does My Garden Grow?

They say that GPS satellite technology can pinpoint a water drop on a leaf in China. You're not interested in your Chinese e-mail gardening enthusiast pal's bamboo leaves. Well, maybe you are. After all, you don't want your own bamboo to look shabby, or taste bad when your friend finally makes the overseas trip to sample your moo shu pork with bamboo shoots.

Your wireless weather station says that the dewpoint is 50, not uncomfortable at all. But in the garden, your bamboo is wilting because your sprinkler system keeps overwatering! If you had a Wireless Leaf and Soil Temperature Sensor measuring the wetness level of your bamboo soil, you'd know how saturated the dirt is around your bamboo. You can't plant or manitain bamboo in completely damp soil.

Tip: You can adjust the sprinkler system to not water in the rain zone when your bamboo is located. Then, your wireless weather station can monitor the dampness of the soil in that zone.

But oh my! Your Chinese e-mail pal has arrived with her bamboo shoots, and they're perfect. If ancient enlightenment escapes you, try modern technology and wisdom may eventually come.



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