Personal Weather Stations: A Great Gift

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Are personal weather stations affordable gifts?

Personal Weather Stations: A Great Gift

Your spouse has a personal thermometer, a Palm computer with weather readings and never leaves the house without checking the weather first. Although you've heard state-of-the-art personal weather stations are pricey, you can't think of any other gift your wife or hubby would rather have.

No need to start dipping into your savings. A basic but complete home weather station such as the LaCrosse Touch Screen Weather Station is only $300-$450 at most before you add accessories, although weather stations can run as much as $900, higher for a complete industrial-grade personal weather stations such as WeatherHawk. You can get great discounts at online weather retailers. We like the cherry finish of the affordable LaCrosse, which goes with your wife's cherry wood vanity or writing desk.

Some gift-giving tips so you're not left in the cold:

* Shop around for the best deal, but you do get what you pay for. Besides, your average government or airport weather station costs millions. You're getting a bargain.
* Make sure the gift is suited to your hubby's lifestyle. If he's the on the go type, don't get a cabled home weather station.
* Buy extra backup batteries.
* If a hygrometer, anemometer, rain gauge or whatever else your wife might want, say for gardening, camping or just planning the kids' clothes, isn't included in the personal weather stations you're considering, decide how much you're willing to add on to the cost. Can you get by without them for now?

If you're not sure about what types of home weather stations your hubby might want, ask him, preferably over breakfast when you've just listened to him declare that the sun may be shining, but you're in for a blizzard later today.



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