The View From Your Backyard Home Weather Station

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Should I have a backyard as well as an indoor weather station?

The View From Your Backyard Home Weather Station

You love your indoor home weather station, but now that the spring and summer months are coming, you'd like to spend more time in your backyard.

There's an easy solution: Portable personal weather stations. You can buy handheld home weather stations. Just make sure they don't interfere with the wireless signals from your home weather stations. Your family might not be as outdoors-inclined or weather-inclined as you are and might want to monitor the weather from inside.

If your handheld cuts off the signals from your home weather station, you can move your home weather station into your backyard. Simply use a stand with your wall mount home weather station so you can check the weather from your backyard.

Enjoy the fine keast until your home weather station tells you rain is headed your way!



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