Home Weather Stations: Too Complicated?

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Aren't home weather stations complicated and bulky?

Home Weather Stations: Too Complicated?

There's a humorous commercial about a man who's "always wrong" and gets razzed by his office mates about saying that FedEx is a "little pricey". That same hapless young man would undoubtedly say that home weather stations are too complicated and bulky. Not so.

Most home weather stations or personal weather stations, consist of:

--a portable, free-standing or wall monitor
--temperature sensors and probes
--rain gauges and self-emptying rain buckets

Many of the other home weather station instruments are optional, and they're no more complex than your stereo system or personal computer. Setting them up isn't complex, especially if you have an 11-year-old in the house (if not, borrow one.)

So when your resident "Mr. Wrong" sniffs that personal weather stations are too bulky and complex, you can send him a home weather station...by FedEx.



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