Kids and Personal Weather Stations

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Can kids operate personal weather stations?

Kids and Personal Weather Stations

Kids today aren't interested in science and nature...but what do we keep telling them?

"Don't go outside in the rain."

"What are you getting excited about? It's just snow. I hate snow."

Then we wonder why our kids just want to sit in front of a screen for six hours a day.

With home weather stations, kids will still stare at a screen, but they'll be learning about the weather. Touch screens and digital displays are nothing new to today's kids, but at least you won't have to worry that your kids might accidentally surf onto porn sites or see graphic violence.

Personal weather stations are a great way to:

* Help kids decide for themselves whether they need a sweater
* Help kids collect data for school reports and science projects
* Jump start family conversations at the dinner table
* Beat those rainy-afternoon blahs
* Show your kids how meteorology works
* Make learning a family project

Sit down with your kids and teach them how to operate the touch screen home weather station. In no time, your children will be teaching you!

So when you purchase a home weather station, you're not just buying another useless gadget--you're making up for, or at least making sense of, well-intentioned parental cliches. Now if only it were this easy to get your kids interested in cleaning their rooms.



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