Weather at the Touch of a Screen

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Should I buy a touch-screen personal weather station?

Weather at the Touch of a Screen

You're nervous about using the touch-screen ATM--admittedly, you should be cautious, especially at night if someone's looking over your shoulder.

However, you don't need to worry about operating touch-screen home weather stations. Take, for example, the LaCrosse Technology Professional Wireless Weather Screen with Touch-Screen Display. You can press the "Min" indicator on the screen and get the minimum temperature, wind and humidity reading, or press the "Max" indicator. You can also touch the screen and read the Celsius temperature as opposed to the Fahrenheit temp. Touch-screen technology in home weather stations is ideal for people who change the weatehr display often and tend to monitor the weather often.

Touch Tip: As with any touch-screen electronics, personal weather stations should be kept clean. You can brighten the screen with electronics cleaning wipes.

We may not be able to change the weather at the touch of a button, but we can change the way we get weather information!



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