The Weather at Home Away From Home

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Can I monitor the weather at home while I'm on the road?

The Weather at Home Away From Home

You don't want to spend your business trip worrying about the blizzard the weatherman predicted. How can you tap into your home weather station when you're away from home? All you need is:

* a laptop computer that can link with your home computer
* software configured to alert you for storms
* a personal Web page graphical display and Internet connection
* remote control functions that open and close storm shutters in case of high winds/hurricanes in tropical climates
* remote control heaters for driveways and walkways to melt ice and snow that can crack asphalt and concrete

Keep in close touch with personal weather stations. If you can't use your laptop, try the old-fashioned method: have a neighbor, friend or relative check your home. Home weather stations are advanced, but nothing can compare to human observation and attention to detail. Either way, peace of mind while you're on vacation or traveling on business will make your time more enjoyable and productive.



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