Accidents at Home? No Problem

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Can a personal weather station prevent home accidents?

Accidents at Home? No Problem

Last Christmas your parents and in-laws nearly slipped on their driveways and broke their hips...which would mean they'd have to bunk with you, right? Your home weather station tells you the ice will be more treacherous this year.

May we suggest an early Christmas present: personal weather stations that can detect ice before it forms on the driveway. Your father-in-law and your mother will probably tell you that they can read the indicators better than you can. Home weather stations that are backlit with jumbo displays are excellent choices.

When the temperatures drop and snow seems imminent, your mother-in-law can turn on the driveway and walkway heaters to prevent ice from forming. You can help out by making sure irrigation systems are turned off so ice doesn't form.

You might still end up having a houseful this Christmas, but at least your in-laws will take it easy because they're stuffed, not because they're injured!



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