PDA/Portable Weather Station Combos?

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Can I buy PDA/portable weather station combos?

PDA/Portable Weather Station Combos?

Handheld computers, PDAs, Palm computers and Blackberries can do everything except sew buttons and clean your clothes. You can get weather from the Web on your mobile phone. But can you combine a hand held weather station with a mobile phone or handheld computer?

A random sample of the Internet reveals that you can buy:

* Wristwatches that monitor the weather
* Weather emergency radios
* Weather stations with cordless phones
* Hygrometers with clocks and calendars

However, there are no PDAs that are also portable weather stations. Sorry! We recommend the Oregon Scientific Handheld Weather Forecaster--almost as cool as a Blackberry! Sadly, it won't sew your buttons either...but it will tell you when you need your raincoat.



8/5/2006 7:16:13 PM
Dan Weisberg said:

The past week has been clear and sunny everyday. Yet our Oregon Scientific Handheld Weather Forecaster predicted partly sunny, cloudy, and finally rain. I then predicted that it would be promptly returned to the place of purchase. Guess what? I was right!


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