Desktop Weather Projection Station

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Why should I buy a desktop projection station?

Desktop Weather Projection Station

You have desktop alarms, desktop lamps, a desktop PC...your desktop has everything on it except papers! Now, add to the assortment a desktop weather projection station.

The attractive La Crosse thermo-hygrometer can sit on your desktop and monitor temperature, humidity, indoor comfort indicator (sometimes you forget comfort when you're trying to find your tax documents), as well as potential storm conditions.

Since the La Crosse desktop weather station can be moved, your desk will look less cluttered should you decide to move it to, say, the kitchen table. Make sure, though, that you have outdoor remote sensors positioned in cool, dry locations within range of wherever you want to move portable weather stations.

You're assured the indoor and outdoor weather conditions are favorable. Time to look for those tax documents, and the stereo remote control you had on your desktop five minutes ago!



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