A Weather Station with News and Tunes

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Can I combine my radio with a portable weather station?

A Weather Station with News and Tunes

Portable weather stations come with backlights, with time displays, storm alerts...and Frank Sinatra?

A portable weather station with music? The Midland WR300 Weather and Public Alert Radio with AM/FM is a hand held weather station. It doesn't monitor temperature, barometric pressure or rainfall, but it picks up NOAA alerts and even nuclear plant accident warnings.

Say you want to switch to the oldies station when you're surfing at the beach. The radio portable weather station will break into "Surf City" to warn you about an approaching storm front on the coast where you're having your beach picnic.

If you want to monitor weather conditions yourself, a hand held weather station is a good investment in addition to the weather alert radio. Ol' Blue Eyes was always prepared, and that's why he's still singign about rain in his heart as well as foggy days in London town.



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