Hand Held Thermometers and Dehydration

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Can a hand held weather station keep me from overheating?

Hand Held Thermometers and Dehydration

Worried that you won't feel how hot it is in Death Valley or the Kalahari Desert before you succumb to dehydration? Carry a hand hand weather station thermometer and hygrometer, which can read humidity as well as changes in heat.

A hand held weather station isn't the only way to keep from overheating. Some ways to prevent heatstroke:

* Rest in the shade as much as possible. Bring umbrellas and hats.
* Drink plenty of water. Take at least two gallons with you.
* Carry a portable fan.
* Use portable weather stations with timers to check how long you've been in the sun. Rest in the shade every half hour, even if you're at the beach.
* Scout around with your thermometer for drops in temperature.

Remember that the most advanced hygrometer hand held weather station can't match the information your body gives you. If you don't feel thirsty or hot yet, drink water. Your body is the best thermometer you'll ever own.



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