Price of Desktop Weather Stations

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Are desktop weather stations more expensive than complete sets?

Price of Desktop Weather Stations

Weather stations, you think, are just one more high-priced gadget the Home Shopping Network hawks.

But wait! The desktop weather station is less expensive!

Right, you think. If I act now, do I also receive a set of Ginsu knives and a microwave egg cooker?

Actually, desktop portable weather stations are less expensive. The WS-9035U La Crosse Desktop Weather Station with Wind Speed and the Oregon Scientific Cable Free Barometer w/ ThermoHygrometer average $100 or less. Complete high-end weather stations can cost $450 or more, not exactly what you want to spend if you're interested in temperature-at-a-glance.

Desktop portable weather stations don't require an additional barometer, thermometer or hygrometer unless you want one.

The bad news: You'll probably get an extra temperature sensor with your desktop weather station...and you were looking forward to those steak knives, too.



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