Portables and Poolsides

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Can a portable weather station show me the temperature in my pool?

Portables and Poolsides

You need to know if the pool water is 80 degrees for the party tomorrow, since you see that tomorrow will be 60 degrees according to your portable weather station receiver that you keep in your bedroom...you know, looking onto the pool area.

You could get a pool thermometer or sensor, but honestly, the cabanas tend to block the signals. Should you hire a pool man? Too late...you only budgeted for the pool. You are the pool man.

If your portable weather station with the basic sensor is an Oregon Scientific, you can buy the Wireless Pool and Spa Thermometer System with an antenna receiver that can get aroudn the cabanas.

Oh! The floating pool and spa thermometer transmits to your portable weather station monitor, and makes a great conversation piece...second only to your new swimsuit.

Break out the lemonade and frozen fruit concoctions, because the pool is 80 degrees and the hot tub will make your guests think they're on vacation in the tropics. Of course, your plastic flamingoes don't exactly make your pool area Tahiti in miniature, but your desktop weather station can keep the party smooth nonetheless.



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