Around the Weather, er, Water Cooler

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What's a stylish desktop weather station for the office?

Around the Weather, er, Water Cooler

The whole office is talking, and it's not because Anderson in Accounting got a raise when no one else did.

Anderson from Accounting has a stylish modular desktop weather station. What's more, she attached a weather sensor outside the window of her corner office. She always seems to know which way the wind is blowing...literally.

Portable weather stations can dress up the office as well as the home. The attractive Oregon Scientific RMR612HGA Titanium Thermo-Hygrometer with Atomic Clock can also help your company. After all, knowing the weather helps you:

* plan the office party
* know whether shipments and packages will be delayed because of local conditions
* take an educated guess when clients won't patronize your busienss because it's snowing/raining

You might not have gotten a raise, but you could buy yourself a portable weather station. Or you could recommend your office buy a complete weather station. But first you should drop by Anderson's office to congratulate her and to learn more about her desktop weather station. Hey, it beats hanging out around the water cooler listening to the guys from Sales discussing the football scores.



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