Same Weather, Different Rooms

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Can I view weather information from two different rooms?

Same Weather, Different Rooms

Your friends make light of your weather obsession: "The weather won't look any different from the living room than in the bedroom!"

You, on the other hand, are a confirmed weather enthusiast...and to be honest, your plants in the front aren't as sturdy as your backyard plants if you detect a 40 mph wind.

So you buy an indoor weather station such as the La Crosse Wireless Weather Station with Remote Sensor Two-Pack. Just make sure to buy a second meteorological weather station sensor for your backyard. You never know if the ficus trees are secure at the roots.

Tips for getting the most out of your two meteorological weather station monitors:

--Make sure to specify which meteorological weather station sensor you're monitoring, backyard or front door.
--If you have one indoor weather station sensor, place it at the side of the house, preferably whichever side, east or west, the wind is likely to come from.
--Pay attention to indoor temperatures on both monitors. If your rooms are too hot, you probably need better blinds or tinted window glass.

If your friends shiver while enjoying coffee in the living room, you can smile and say, "I'll check the weather monitor here--the one in the bedroom says it's warm inside the house."

In-between looking for blankets, your company will ask how they can get two meteorological weather station monitors too.



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