Weather Without the TV Remote

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Will an analog outdoor weather station work for me?

Weather Without the TV Remote

Although you get as much snow as Canada, you like the idea of trudging out in your furry boots to read the thermometer on your analog outdoor weather station.

Old-fashioned? Nanook of the North? Not you! You just enjoy fresh air and sunshine and, occasionally, snow. Not for you the life of surfing the Weather Channel or the Internet. After all, your ancestors have been reading arrows for centuries.

Some hints before you abandon your hot coffee (no lattes for you) to see if you can get your car out on the road this morning:

--Make sure your outdoor weather station is sheltered in a box against extreme cold. The complete meterological weather station sold commercially usually includes a protective shelter. If not, place your outdoor weatehr station under the eaves.
--Consider investing in an analog indoor weather station too, just in case you can't check your outdoor weather station.
--Manually clean your rain gauge whenever it fills up. You never know what pollution is in those raindrops.

Of course. a digital outdoor weather station could measure the pollution, but you're the rugged healthy outdoor enthusiast. You're a rare, if practically frostbitten breed. Now go thaw in the Starbucks near your office.



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