Digital Outdoor Weather Station

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Can I buy digital professional outdoor weather stations?

Digital Outdoor Weather Station

The only completely-outdoor weather station you see is a mercury thermometer, weather vane and journal. What hope is there for a digital diva who likes to track the weather?

You can take your digital weather station out in your backyard the way you would if you lived on a farm. You do live on a farm. All right, you recreated "Green Acres" or "The Simple Life" in your backyard and have never set foot on a farm. But you can still have the digital pro meteorological weather station farmers enjoy. The only disadvantage: not being able to monitor how the weather outside affects the interior of your home.

Still, you're not interested in what's inside your house. You can read the programmable thermostat, which you've set to 85°F when you're not home or when you're outside.

But...goodness, are your chocolate bars melting? Maybe it's time to take the outdoor weather station indoors. And after all, there is a reason why it's called an indoor/outdoor meterological station. Thank goodness for digital divas!



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