Infrared Pocket Weather Stations

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Do I need a completer indoor weather station to find cold spots?

Infrared Pocket Weather Stations

Baby, it's cold inside. You monitor your indoor weather station night and day but you still can't determine where the cold spots are. All you know is, there's a definite chill somewhere in the upstairs hall. Isd your house haunted?

Before you call Ghostbusters, get an infrared thermometer that can supplement your meteorological weather station. Sensitive infrared thermometers will tell you that your upstairs hall is leaking energy throught the window sash.

But wait...wasn't that window closed just now? most eerie phenomena, this sudden chill has a rational explanation. You notice an overall temperature drop in the house, but you pinpoint a leak in the upstairs hallway, so you seal off the draft.

Ahhh. It feels warmer already.

Wait. Did you just hear footsteps behind you? There's no one else in the house.

Maybe you better take your infrared thermometer and check the rest of the house...or better yet, just watch your indoor weather station. But just in case...who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!



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