Talk To Me, Weather Station

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Can talking weather stations help me if I'm visually impaired?

Talk To Me, Weather Station

You have glaucoma or at the very least need glasses. But you refuse to let it get in the way of your daily activities. If only they didn't make the numbers on your indoor weatehr station so small.

You have options, the same way you can choose to wear bifocals or have Lasik surgery. Two nifty meteorological weatehr station choices for the visually impaired:

1) Talking Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station
2) Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station with Projection Time and Temp

You can set your Oregon Scientific BAR321HGA Talking Wireless Weather Station to announce the hour and the weather at desired intervals, especially if you're on your own. It's helpful to have another voice in the house other than the TV, the radio and your own off-key singing. The announcement, "8 p.m., 53 degrees, clear skies," or "5 p.m., 43 degrees, thunderstorm coming," will help you stay connected to the weather, especially if you're homebound.

The Lacrosse Wireless Weather Station with Projection Temperature and Time projects the time and temperature onto the ceiling or wall in red letters so you can read the numbers clearly. Just make sure there isn't too much ambient light in the room so you can read the numbers clearly. Set up the indoor weather station receiver to project onto a shadow so you can see the time and temperature clearly.

Your eyesight may be troubling you, but you shouldn't give up your passion for the weather.



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