Choosing a Professional Weather Station

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Should I buy wireless weather systems from a company I don't know?

Choosing a Professional Weather Station

It's the eternal dilemma: Do you buy from the little guy when you compare wireless weather stations, or do you choose established companies? Are you selling out if you choose a Davis weather station or a LaCrosse weather station? Not so, any more than if you buy a Honeywell (which also makes weather stations) air conditioner versus a brand name you've never heard of.

When you compare wireless weather stations, keep in mind that you may not need an advanced meterological weather station capable of landing planes, but you do need:

* Service--will exchanges and returns be easy?
* Support--will you have to chuck your weather station after three months because you can't locate parts or find a repair technician?
* Confidence--do you feel more comfortable buying a LaCrosse weather station than an unknown name?
* Compatibility--if you opt for a new rain gauge, will it work with your system?
* Choices--are you limited in the types of accessories you can buy, or are you obligated to buy the whole pro weather station if you just want a handheld model?

You can support the mom and pop taco stand down the street, but when it comes to a major technology investment, don't feel as if you're contributing to the demise of small business. After all, the store that sells you the system may be an independent retailer.



11/16/2008 6:33:07 PM
wx guy said:

If theirs one thing to consider look at Oregon Ocientific for weather stations.

4/11/2009 12:17:40 PM
MJM said:

Try Oregon Scientific.


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