Animate Your Weather Station

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Which weather stations have computer animations?

Animate Your Weather Station

Your Ferrari Modena Oregon Scientific weather station has an engine roar alarm. What more do you want in this era of ringtones and pictures on your cell phone?

Weather animations might be nice, you respond. When you compare wireless weather stations, you look for animated icons and even a digital weatherman. LaCrosse weather stations have digital weathermen, while Oregon Scientific weather stations flash a rain cloud with rain so realistic you'll run to grab your umbrella. The Oregon Scientific AWS888 Color Weather Station even has a color display showing you the weather you're missing in Hawaii.

Even Honeywell has a colorful animated display if you're shopping for other wireless weather station manufacturers.

Don't let the animations distract you from the diagnostics. If you need an Oregon Scientific weather station that can monitor five remote locations (the pool, the garden, the driveway, the fenced-in run for the dogs, and the back porch), but the model doesn't have animation, you'll just have to be content with your cell phone IM icons.



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