I Just Want to Take Your Temperature

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Which wireless weather stations just monitor temperatures?

I Just Want to Take Your Temperature

Weather stations can tell you the phases of the moon for the next week. You don't want to know when the sun will rise and set. You've got your bedtime and morning routine down to a science. The sun takes cues from you. Or you simply want to check the temperature in the newly renovated kitchen and bathroom to make sure the contractor doesn't leave holes.

When you compare wireless weather stations, don't forget to ask about temperature sensors. An Oregon Scientific weather center can be as simple as a wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer that you can set to monitor heat leaks in the bathroom and a three-degree boost in temperature in the kitchen--this happened when you weren't even cooking, so you know something odd is afoot.

Or you just want to monitor the temperature in one location, basic indoor temperature. The LaCrosse Alarm Clock (which you don't need because you always get up at 6:01 a.m. anyway) can take the place of a full LaCrosse weather station as far as you're concerned. Or if you want to monitor outdoor temp too, you can buy a LaCrosse indoor/outdoor thermometer. True, you'll receive rain forecasts too, but at least you'll avoid the sun/moon information.

After all, if your contractor botches the roof job, you'll learn more about sunset and moonrise than you ever wanted.



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