Davis, Vantage Pro, and LaCrosse Wind Detection

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Which weather station has the best wind sensor?

Davis, Vantage Pro, and LaCrosse Wind Detection

In high school your nickname was "Weather Vane," because no matter if the wind was WSW, ENE, NNW, or ESE, you could feel the wind coming.

Now you have more to think about than wind direction and a diploma, but you still want to know where the wind's coming from. You wouldn't consider buying a weather station without the best wind sensor. This makes sense. After all, other than wanting to learn when storm winds will arrive, you need to know the wind direction when you're driving, setting up a garden scaffold, installing awnings, or keeping the birds happy as you position your bird feeder.

You know that the Davis weather station and the Vantage Pro weather station can track wind direction and alert you to strong wind, but can the LaCrosse weather station, the Heathkit Weather Station and the Oregon Scientific Weather Station? Certainly. Some of our favorites:

* The LaCrosse WS-9119U Intelligent Weather Station is an excellent choice if you prefer a stationary monitor. After all, you know the winds are typically southeasterly, so you place your single sensor there.
* The Heathkit weather station is also an excellent stationary choice with a rooftop wind sensor that looks, well, a lot like you used to look when predicting the wind.
* The Oregon Scientific weather station also has rooftop wind sensors, but in terms of wind detection, you'll get more varied choices with Davis, LaCrosse or VantagePro.

After all, you have better things to do than stand around all day pointing to the east.



11/16/2008 6:28:57 PM
mckTXaws said:

Not realy Lacrosse is just like Oregon Scientific. There wind sensors can be mounted on the roof, or anywhere you want to monitor wind. Oregon Scientific is better because the anemometer deploys cups Lacrosse uses those lousy propellers. And like the Davis the oregon sensors can be solar powerd. Lacrosse just has the rain, and wind sensor running to the tacky battery powered thermo/hygro.


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