Cross-Platform PC Weather Stations

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Is WeatherLink available for Oregon Scientific and LaCrosse stations?

Cross-Platform PC Weather Stations

PC versus Mac. Windows versus Red Hat. You're not interested in that debate. You want to know: Does WeatherLink weather station software support Oregon Scientific or LaCrosse technology?

Sadly not. Do we detect a geek war here? Thankfully, WeatherView 32 does support Oregon Scientific and Davis Vantage Pro, so you can have your own PC weather station.

Where does LaCrosse stand in this debate? Actually, LaCrosse can link directly with your Dell and turn it into a computer weather station. You need the PC interface, which comes bundled with weather station software.

A caveat: Not all weather stations support both PC and Mac, or the latest version of Windows. Uh oh, is that a thunderstorm forming over Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington? Beware the wrath of Bill Gates!



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