Modems and Vantage Pro

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I use a modem with the Vantage Pro, why doesn't it work?

Modems and Vantage Pro

You've finally switched from dail-up to cable modem, but no matter which modem you use, you can't get your Vantage Pro to talk to your cable modem. You're trying to track precipitation trends, but hardware/software issues keep raining on your parade.

Check to see that you've done the following:

* Bought the blue Davis Modem Adapter for the Vantage Pro.
* Connected the DataLogger (which downloads the data from your remote unit to your PC) to the modem via the modem adapter
* Made sure all the segments on the LCD screens are lit.
* Configured WeatherLink settings so that they're tuned to the COM port your modem is connected to.
* Entered the phone number, if you're still using dial-up
* If using Virtual Weather System, downloaded the DSL/Cable Modem/LAN version.

When all else fails, or if you just need a break from all this tech frustration, ask your fellow weather loggers and PC weather station users on the Net. After all, you're isolated from the rest of humanity thanks to your technical problems. If your modem and weather station software won't talk to each other, at least you can converse with a human being about your favorite subject: the average yearly rainfall.



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