Garage Band Data

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Can my PC weather station keep track of conditions inside my house?

Garage Band Data

"Kids, don't leave the hose on in the garage."

"We didn't."

"Then why does my PC weather station say the humidity is 70 percent in there? It was minimal a month ago."

"We didn't touch the hose. Dad did."

Then you remember...your husband washed the car last week and replaced the hose as he always does. But as usual, he forgot to turn off the hose...immediately, that is. Naturally, he caught the error...but now you have a problem. The garage is damp.

While your hubby is cooling the garage with several fans and adjusting the thermostat, you're smiling. Thanks to your PC weather station, you monitored the moisture in the garage. The downside: your upholstery project is worse for wear, but your hubby can fix that too. Now you can check the data in the basement where you have your darkroom.

How do you keep track of these zones? You set your software to record and track data from several different sensors and label the data "Garage," "Basement," "Greenhouse," and "Pool." That way, you'll remember that, oops, you left the pool cover off. By the time your hubby finishes his chores, you'll have the problem fixed...but first, your kids want you to show them your computer weather station. They'll be sure to remind your husband to turn off the hose, because Mom's watching!



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