Remote Data Loggers

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Do I have to keep my data logger right beside my computer?

Remote Data Loggers

Your home computer workstation has more gizmos and gadgets than a Silicon Valley company. The last thing you need is a PC weather station data logger to rarrange on your desk. Do you need it close at hand to gather accurate data? Some data logger tips:

--Data loggers such as the WeatherLink DataLogger connect to your computer weather station via a serial or USB port. You can buy cables from the retailer that sells your weather station software.
--If you don't have either a serial port or USB port free, you can place your data logger outside, since it receives wireless signals. Protect the data logger from the elements, pollution, dirt, and animals.
--You can buy adapters to convert male to female ports and female to male so that your serial cable can connect with your computer.
--Your remote data logger won't collect data in real time, so if you're not in a hurry to record the weekly barometric pressure chart, you can retrieve archive data later. The data logger can store temperatures and percentages for up to a month.

If you want real-time data, consider retiring some of those high-tech gadgets or swapping out devices that you use infrequently. Technolgoy is supposed to make our lvies less cluttered, after all.



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