Sharing Weather Information

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How can I share the weather information my software collects?

Sharing Weather Information

You're excited about the rain in Arizona. Your pal in London is excited about the drop in humidity. How can you share your weather station software data? Over the Internet, of course. You can be a weather blogger.

You'll need:

--a weather Web site
--an online weather community or local area network (LAN) where you can post your data, say on the Davis weather station Web site
--a receptive audience such as the National Weather Service, which you can help by submitting your data to the Citizen Weather Observer Program
--a weather cam
--a fast connection such as DSL, cable, ISDN or wireless Internet
--plenty of data backups
--user-defined weather alerts, such as when your computer weather station receives sensor data on tropical winds

If you're in Florida, you definitely want to know about another hurricane, and want to share it with the weatehr experts. You and your computer weather station that could can make a difference. Or you and your friend in London can e-mail each other while gazing at each other's Web sites.



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