Home Made Doesn't Mean Crude

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Can I create a sophisticated home made weather station?

Home Made Doesn't Mean Crude

Your home made spice rack is the envy of your arts class. You cobbled together your own quadrophonic stereo system.
But can you build a weather station that goes beyond a weather vane and a thermometer?

At the very minimum, you'll need a...

--strong wind-resistant thermometer that stakes in the ground
--sturdy wooden or metal box
--shady spot in your backyard or on your porch
--manual rain gauge
--manual hygrometer

The best spot to set up this low-tech home made weather station is in the north side of the building or wherever there is the most shade. You don't have to skip style when setting up a weather station that you've built from basic weather equipment. Outdoor wooden or metal thermometers and barometers can be elegant as well as functional, adding to the decor and outward appearance of your home.

The only problem: Reminding yourself to check the weather station now that you have it installed. An atomic clock with alarm and temperature can be an excellent reminder, and validate the data you've collected with your home made weather station. You're not a slave to technology, but you did set up that stereo system.



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