Kitchens and Modular Weather Stations

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How do I set up a modular weather station in my kitchen?

Kitchens and Modular Weather Stations

You have a kitchen right out of HGTV. As a matter of fact, HGTV is your source of wisdom. When you saw that HGTV recommended the Oregon Scientific modular weather station, you knew that you just had to set it up, preferably in your kitchen. That's where you spend the most time, after all, and it's right outside the kitchen garden you created. You want to know what's going on with your asparagus even when you can't get down in the dirt.

You detach the three monitor modules and display them around your kitchen counter. But should they all be in your kitchen? Perhaps one monitor could stay in the bathroom you're redoing?

When setting up a weather station, except for analog backyard stations, it's wise not to cluster monitors together. The whole point when you build a weather station is to make weather forecasting easier. No matter how much you love your kitchen, there are some HGTV ideas you want to try in the kids' room. You can minitor your garden from there.

Just make sure the one remote sensor is positioned within 90 feet of whatever you're monitoring. You can get wireless repeaters to extend your reach at least 300 feet.

However, if your heart is set on the kitchen and you want to build a weatehr station for the kitchen, you can cluster the monitors together and watch the combined monitor as you wash your fresh asparagus for a recipe you discovered while watching HGTV.



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