Home Made Digital Weather Station

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What do I need to make a home made digital weather station?

Home Made Digital Weather Station

You're an expert at setting goals. Your number one goal: setting up a weather station that doesn't take all day.

You have the correct barometric pressure measured so you can calibrate your sensors. Now all you need are sensors. What else do you need for a digital weather station? Keep this basic list handy.

1) Home receiver(s)
2) Remote temperature sensor(s)
3) Barometric pressure sensor
4) Thermo-hygrometer or humidity sensor
5) Wind direction sensor or anemometer
6) Data logger
7) Weather simulation software such as WeatherLink, WeatherHawk, WeatherView 32
8) Adapter to connect data logger with computer
9) Elbow grease
10) Patience
11) Hard work
12) Passion

Now your goal is to sit inside your screened-in porch monitoring the rainfall from your rain collector. Oops, you forgot the rain gauge. Add it to your to-do list, and you can safely predict a well-built home made weather station.



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