Home Made Weather Station Accuracy

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How do I know the readings on my home made station are accurate?

Home Made Weather Station Accuracy

Decisions, decisions: do you follow the experts or do you trust your own backyard wisdom when setting up a weatehr station?

You check your analog thermometer, and rush inside to look at the Weather Channel. Your weather journal shows that high and low temp, high and low barometric pressure, lag behind or exceed the Weather Channel. How can you trust your home made weather station? Or is it the multi-billion dollar weather forecasting industry that's wrong?

Actually, like all weather systems, a home made weather station nresponds to changes in air pressure. It's receiving local conditions within your microclimate. When you build a weather station, you tailor it to suit your environment. No two microclimates are alike. Different weather conditions have been recorded in two similar vineyards in Napa Valley. Even your pool area won't have the same temperature as your front yard.

You can understand your local market without doubting the national trends. In fact, you might even be able to help the weather industry by supplying local data. Backyard home made weather station wisdom and technology can work hand in hand.



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