Matched Set: Weather Station Setup

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Does my home monitor's appearance have to match my sensors?

Matched Set: Weather Station Setup

You've never believed that a Ferrari can't perform as well as a workhorse car, or that a coat has to look practical to protect you against the weather. So why should your weather station look strictly functional?

When setting up a weather station, you may not have much choice about the look of your sensors, although the LaCrosse Solar Radiation Collector has a rocketship space-age cool appearance. You can, however, choose the appearance of your home unit that displays your data. When you build a weather station, you can make it fit with the appearance of your home. Some other tips:

--You don't have to mount wind direction sensors on the roof. You can place them on the wall and they'll work just as effectively.
--Your sensors may be all white, but you can choose a LaCrosse weather station home monitor with hardwoood trim, such as the Classic Hardwood Weather Station.
--You don't have to conceal your weather sensors, though they can be inconspicuous. In fact, hiding them with obstructions such as vines and plants can interfere with wireless readings.
--Yes, you can have a Ferrari-style weather station thanks to Oregon Scientific, so when setting up your weather station you'll know your system combines performance and good looks.

Style and function. You know you can have both. But the function of the weather station is to keep your home safe and free of weather damage, so that you always look good.



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