Weather Station Tripods

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Do weather station kits include tripod telescoping mounts?

Weather Station Tripods

Your roofing contractor needs to move your antenna and wind direction sensor for several weeks. While your home is being reroofed, you don't want to mount your Davis Vantage Pro weather station equipment on the wall...especially since you're repainting the house. Your weather forecasts keep telling you, so far, so good, the fine weather is holding.

But what will hold your sensors aloft? If you're a photographer, you know the answer: Tripods. A telescoping tripod, a minimum of 2-3 meters high, positioned at a straight-line distance from your wireless receiver, will lift your anemometer and temperature sensor.

In most weather station kits, tripods are optional, but they're a great investment. Now you can thank your roofer for working so hard when you ensure that weather conditions are safe.



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