Philippe Starck and Measuring Equipment

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Do Philippe Starck clocks come with powerful measuring equipment?

Philippe Starck and Measuring Equipment

You love the style and function of Philippe Starck. But wait--aren't you supposed to be thinking about measuring equipment rather than an attractive-looking clock? After all, the whole point of weather stations is to measure.

It's a mistake to think that only a heavy duty pro weather station can give you the best forecasts. Atomic clocks are weather station kits in themselves. Philippe Starck is no exception. The Philippe Starck Large Multi-Red display atomic clock can support up to four remote sensors: one indoor and three outdoor.

But can it connect with barometers and other weather station equipment? No need. It already measures indoor and outdoor humidity from its remote sensors, and even the Large Basic version gauges barometric pressure as well as high, medium and low tides.

So don't worry about wanting designer weather station kits. Just make your decision: yellow, red, or gray display?



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