Backup Weather Station Equipment

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Do I need weather station "backup" equipment?

Backup Weather Station Equipment

You have extra umbrellas. Extra computer backups. Extra sandwiches. So of course, you have extra weather station equipment. Don't you? one can be completely prepared all the time.

Weather station kits typically don't include backup thermometers and other backup weather station equipment. It won't cost just a few dollars more to purchase extra anemometers or thermometers, but this is, after all, the weather we're talking about, and you don't want to be caught in the rain when you didn't bring surplus umbrellas.

Your backup weather station kits might include:

* Thermometer
* Hygrometer
* Thermo-hygrometer
* Anemometer or wind direction/wind velocity sensor
* Barometer
* Duplicate wireless repeater
* Rain gauge (optional)
* Solar radiation sensor (optional)
* Soil and leaf moisture sensor (optional)

They don't give out merit badges after you leave the Boy or Girl Scouts, but your reward is being warm and dry when everyone else is sopping wet. Break out the extra umbrellas!



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