Freezers and Weather Station Kits

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Do weather kits help me monitor my freezers?

Freezers and Weather Station Kits

You have a deep freezer that would make Martha Stewart jealous, but unlike Martha, your deep freeze can easily evade monitoring.

It's difficult in a shielded area for weather station equipment to monitor temperature. After all, you want to know if the beef you're saving for your chateaubriand or hamburger special has freezer burn.

Weather station kits may not come with deep freeze sensors, but you can buy the Oregon Scientific THC268 Cable Free All Weather Thermo Sensor with Waterproof Probe, which cuts through freeze signal interference and cold as easily as Martha slices through cloth for decoupage.

If you want to monitor your beef when you're away from home, program a temperature alert for your weather station software that you can access from your laptop. After all, you want to get Martha's advice on how to best cook chateaubriand, and she wants to learn about your weather station equipment.



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