Windscribe and Wind Direction Monitors

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Do I need a handheld wind sensor in addition to my weather station?

Windscribe and Wind Direction Monitors

You like to know how fast the wind is blowing, even when there's no wind at all. But the wind can't possibly change that much in your own backyard, can it? Actually, it can--just ask Dorothy from Kansas. Surely, since your weather station equipment comes complete with a wind direction and velocity sensor, you couldn't possibly need a handheld device?

Weather station kits can't supply your every need, includign a preoccupation with wind speed. It's not unusual...all right, perhaps it is. But you have a cell phone in addition to your home phone and a laptop as well as a PC. A handheld wind sensor such as the Davis Windscribe won't monitor the winds of change at home, but it will help you when you're mountain biking or hiking.

A wind sensor can be helpful too in the backyard under cloudy conditions when you can't see your stationary wind sensor. Backlit displays help you see that there's a gale if your hat spinning away like Dorothy's house wasn't a clue.

Dorothy Gale could have used your wind sensor...but then, of course, she'd have missed the trip to Oz. Sometimes you can be too prepared...and too obsessed with the wind.



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