Children's Weather Station Kits

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Are there weather station kits for children?

Children's Weather Station Kits

Kids today, you think, have everything. Including weather station kits. Why, when I was their age, I had to walk ten miles...sound familiar? It should, you heard it from your parents, who couldn't understand why you had to have that shiny new bicycle.

Even though our kids have a multitude of toy choices, they still like the simple things. It's not always safe to go outside and play, but anything that helps them learn is worthwhile.

You may not be ready for a full home weather station, and you don't have to buy advanced weather station equipment just for your children. There are many excellent junior science weather station kits available--the Discovery Channel Store is always a valuable resource. Or you can ask your children to make a weather station kit and watch what your Marie Curie or Max Planck invents. Who knows, you might be motivated to buy yourself a basic weather station--maybe even shiny chrome, just like that two-wheeler. You've earned it.



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